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Two Non Blondes

Mar 27, 2020

What a bizarre time since Coronavirus took hold. We attempt to offer some light relief in these extraordinary times. In the form of; extreme snacking, becoming 'isolation body ready', how we're finding it at home and after some toe curling celebrity moments, why this may level out the playing field. 

Mar 5, 2020

Jennie's been juicing! But makes Amy feel better about what she constitutes as a 'binge' eating session. Why do Mum's comment on our weight? Why we think we were so deeply affected by the tragic news about Caroline Flack. And trying to understand why people troll, what we can do and how we're trying to be kinder. 

Feb 13, 2020

Love it or loathe it? Either way, why Amy believes you've already had your worst valentine. The ultimate guide for making the most of it, whether single or smug. The times we decided to do a strip, failing at being sexy, oh and Amy's gone right off the rails. 

Jan 30, 2020

Our first episode of 2020 is here! What Amy's doing too much of in January, cleansing our homes with witchcraft, Jane McDonald updates and an upsetting revelation from Jennie regarding Geoff from Byker Grove. 

Plus, you'll never un-hear what Jennie confesses about FaceTime.